Frequently Asked Questions

Questions asked about Cultural Heritage and Destination Tourism.

What are Four Components of a Successful Marketing Plan?

A successful Marketing Plan will have these key components: Public Relations – Prepare a press kit and do regular press releases to get the word out about happenings and events Advertising – Creating a compelling message directed to target audiences through advertisement  Graphic Materials – Choose a logo, develop a website, print brochures Promotions – […]

Who Are Tourism Customers?

All tourists have a propensity to spend.  However, certain types of tourists spend more than others.  International visitors typically outspend domestic travelers.  Baby boomers often outspend seniors or student groups.   To truly identify who your tourism customers are, it is essential to have an ongoing system in place to track tourists and their spending. […]

Who is the Cultural & Heritage Traveler?

Baby Boomers (Born 1946 – 1964) Trips are longer, allowing for in-depth exploration at a leisurely pace Trips often themed or educational As grandparents, boomers are now the force behind multi-generational travel Boomers spend an average of $2,995 on 4.2 trips each year Source:  Luxury Marketing Council